How to use

Tape Layout
Tape A: Diameter Scale in Inch (in)
Tape B: Diameter Scale in Millimeter (mm)
Tape C: Standard Scale in Inch (in)
Tape D: Standard Scale in Centimeter (cm)

Measuring Diameter:
(Tape A & Tape B) Gently wrap the tape around the cigar then press and hold down the tape along the surface of the cigar to avoid spaces left in between for accurate measuring result. Read the scale where starting line indicates.

Measuring Length:
(Tape C) is capable of measuring cigar length in inch with 8 different increments. Select the increment that you would like to measure: place one side of your cigar within your desired increment scale, then line up the other side of the cigar to the nearest inch marking, and add up everything for the total length.


(Tape D) is a standard centimeter tape. Measure the cigar as how you would normally measure with a ruler.

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